Interview with Dave Mason

Davin Greenwell, April 07, 2020 at 10:27 PM
Award-winning designer, strategist, film producer, speaker and conference founder, Dave’s clients include Sesame Workshop, Swiss Army Brands, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and NCR. Dave shares his thoughts on Design Currency 2010 in this interview.

DW: What are you looking forward to most about Design Currency 2010?

DM: I'm looking forward to meeting and learning from the presenters and attendees- and to hanging out at Granville Island.

DW: What does the conference theme “Design Currency” mean to you?

DM: My interpretation of the theme revolves around relevancy and value and the connection between them.

DW: If design was currency, who would have the most? Who would have the least?

DM: If design was currency, the role of Carlos Slim would be played by Apple. The role of slime mold would be played by whoever designed the tax code.

DW: What criteria do you use to evaluate design?

DM: Great design delights and humbles me (as in "Damn, I wish I did that'.) Mediocre design gets tolerated. Bad design infuriates me.


Dave Mason will be speaking at Design Currency 2010. Learn more about him on the Dave Mason speaker page.

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