Ronald Kapaz

Ronald Kapaz was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1956. Like all children, he began to draw at the age of 4 and, unlike most of them, never stopped...

From the pulsion-drawing at the beginning of his career (1959)—pure color, movement and energy—he then evolved and explored all nuances of drawing: the search for shape, the hand control, the beauty of harmony, the thrill of color, the intensity of light, the education of the eye etc.

He studied architecture, thinking his vocation was to draw houses. His many encounters with life shaped his path until becoming a Graphic Designer. He then realized the real complexity and magic of "drawing".

Nowadays, as partner and co-founder of Oz Design, he goes on refining the use of lines, shapes and colors. And as a senior strategist in corporate identity development, he uses words and views, in broader sense, to draw lines of thinking, plans of action, identity concepts and visions of the world.

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Session: Thursday, 29 April 9:00-9:45